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Sparky Linux

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Piero Proietti
penguins-eggs author
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Hi Sparkers

of course this post make me curious.

I am Piero Proietti the author of penguins-eggs, a remastering program written in the footsteps of the various remastersys, systemback, refracta-snapshot, etc.

I thank the author of the post pavroo for his interest, and describe my experience with Sparky.

Both testing penguins-eggs and test it's compatibility with many distributions, both original and derived.

Sparky did not give me any major problems, but I still had to take action on two things.


The first, the lack of the field VERSION_CODENAME in /etc/os-release.

eggs goes to detect the result of command lsb_release -c to decide which distribution it is, here it turns out n/a which stands for rolling release and that's not good, because that way I impose Arch Linux compatibility.

So I simply edited /etc/os-release and placed VERSION_CODENAME=bootworm for version 7 and VERSION_CODENAME=trixie for version 8.


Sparkly linux provides its own version of calamares, unfortunately this one has incompatibilities with eggs, so you'd better install the debian version.

apt-cache policy calamares

Installed: 3.2.61-1+b1
Candidate: 3.2.61~sparky7~3-1
Version table:
*** 3.2.61-1+b1 500
500 bookworm/main amd64 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
3.2.61~sparky7~3-1 1001
1001 orion/main amd64 Packages

We can proceed in this way:

sudo apt install calamares=3.2.61-1+b1

After that is better to look apt upgrade of calamares, just use:

sudo apt-mark hold calamares

to be continued

I tried to answer to the post on Sparky site, unfortunately I get access denied, so before I try to disturb the author, then I decided to publish here.

There is again much to say and discuss a possible collaboration, we will see.