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Warbler: plasma/wayland/waydroid

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Piero Proietti
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This is the second version of this experiment, the first - a year ago - was just named waydroid. It's a temptative to create a slim ISO to be used for develpment.

There is a motivation on the lacks of sddm in this system, unfortunately sddm bring dependencies from X11 almost in this version I'm using from Debian/bookworm.

That you get

  • waydroid
  • lineage-18.1-20230121-VANILLA-waydroid_x86_64 system.img (766 MB)
  • lineage-18.1-20230121-MAINLINE-waydroid_x86_64 vendor.img (165 MB)
  • vscode, node, git and necessary to develop
  • firmwares wifi cards (you can ask for more additions)

how to install

WARNING: the installer will completely erase your hard drive

The live is autologin, just look the instructions in console.

sudo eggs install --unattended


Actually I build the same image addind sddm and some others packages, so it's possible to use calamares for installation.

how to use

startplasma-wayland to get the GUI, click on waydroid to run it.

how to remaster

This system can be easily remastered with eggs:

sudo eggs produce --fast

You will get an iso of your system, without you user data.

sudo eggs produce --fast --clone

You will get an iso of your system, with you user data.




dressing a warbler

This is how warbler is made, and how you can change it's definition on YAML.

dressing a colibri

I'm using eggs with wardrobe to take tracks of my way and consolidate it. This is my workstation: colibri, we can do that also for warbler.

warbler Photo by Biillyboy