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Auguri di Pasqua e nuova versione

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Piero Proietti
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Auguro a tutti una felice Pasqua.

Per chi la festeggia oggi,

  • per chi la festeggia tra una settimana,
  • per chi festeggia oggi festeggia qualcos'altro...

A tutti Buona Pasqua!


  • btrfs: eggs produce now works fine on btrfs. Note: calamares and krill configuration for btrfs is not enabled by default;
  • bugfix: eggs copy branding from themes including subdirs;
  • bugfix: check theme if exists and remove final / if we pass a theme;
  • bugfix: link penguins-eggs and others stuffs connected to the new site;
  • live boot: removed CLI boot option and added safe option, GRUB is now hidden with a 2 seconds timeout, same for isolinux.