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For a long time I have been using to distribute the ISOs I create with penguins-eggs the sourceforge page, unfortunately for some time now it has been getting longer and longer to download the ISOs.

For the purpose, for some respins: colibri and LastOSLinux, I created this download page using mega services.

Debian bookworm colibri

A light xfce4 for developers you can easily start to improve eggs installing colibri. Completely made from the penguins-eggs team and used for the complete development.



After having for more than 20 years, countless success with Windows-based live distributions, team at is teaming up with penguins-eggs to release their first version of LastOSLinux, naturally Windows compatible.

Their experience and skill ensure a very high level of compatibility and quality.

Penguins-eggs provides the tool for creating the system that is managed directly by LastOS Team.

Download: LastOSLinux_amd64_2024-06-26_1620.iso.

sourceforge page.

All others respins, packages, etc, can be found at our sourceforge page.