eggs-7.5.122-1 version for i386 and amd64

Sometimes, to move forward, you need to step back first.

Well, in order to not miss the opportunity to have debian packages for both the i386 and amd64 architecture, I chose to go back to the old Node8, the latest version released by nodesource for both architectures.

The main change in this version is, of course, the presence of the i386 version, which can be a good opportunity for all people with old hardware combined with young will to experiment with them.

But not only!

Now the various READMEs, links, etc point to our new site

Come in here for more informations.


#update #i386

Penguin’s eggs: utilitário para criar sua própria distribuição Linux!

Tutorial en portuguese on the SempreUpdate a brasilian magazine specialized in technology. The main focus is Linux, Open Source, Android and other subjects.

“Penguin’s eggs é um utilitário que permite a criação de distribuições Linux altamente personalizadas. Com o utilitário cujo nome é até interessante, Ovos de Pinguim, você pode criar remasterizações sem nenhum custo. O software Penguin’s eggs é tão eficiente que permite que você gere os arquivos ISOs, aqueles que usamos para gravar em CD/DVD ou pendrive, ou ainda você pode compartilhar a sua distribuição através da LAN via inicialização remota PXE.” … more

penguins eggs utilitario para criar sua propria distribuicao linux


Hello World

It’s my first day on line!

There is so much work to do who I’m getting tired but, before to stop for today, I want do publish something, just to not delude someone here.

Well, I present in another window running eggs-7.5.114-1 remastering Linux Mint 20 Beta.


You can find the iso images ulyana aka Linux Mint 20 Beta in sourceforge.

It is installable just with eggs install, not calamares GUI installer at the moment. So, please take it just as an example, or possibly, a stimoulus to help the project.

I just forgot to tell who I made another version of eggs, to include ulyana and just upload the deb package it in sourceforge too.