Welcome to Penguin's eggs forum!

Well, if you are curious enought you You can ask here and get answers.
Penguin's eggs is a tool to remaster Linux, at the moment work with Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint ad derivates, but I have some hope to bring it to others distros, like Arch Linux and Fedora/Centos/Redhat! It's possible, becouse under the umbrella all the distros are about the same, that who change is the package manager, some path and so on.

So, my hope is to bring Penguin's eggs in the most great platea possible, but we have already a good start point and you can arrange you personal version of Linux in i386 and amd64 architecture, from very lite version to Incubator, a remix who join Debian with Proxmox Ve and disclose you freedom in the area of VM.

Well, I'll be happy to answer your questions and find an apprendice or... more! 🐧

👨 Artisan (Piero Proietti)