About me

Hi, my name is Piero Proietti,

I live in Roma, one of the most wonderful town of the world, after many year of work, finally I’m retired! Wonderfull, but the passion remain so I decided to spend myself in the area where I’m passionate opensource project, and started to build this project.

I toke the basis from a previusly wrote, a bash script who remaster the system and redistribuite it on the local network via PXE, https, nfs. It was quite usefull for restore computers on our net, it was in bash with some GUI with zenity.

I kindly hate bash, it is wonderfull but it is quite difficult to mantain, so – I’m old man – decided to use something more pratical and structured. I was able to write in php, tried to use google dart, hate javascript (the initial style for the same reasons of bash) but thanx to nodejs and babel started to use it. After, for identical reasons, switched to Typescript I feelme more confortable with it.

Well, this is the result: a reasonable pratical way to let you customize your versione of Linux on the road of Remastersys, Systemback and father Knoppix.


That’s all Folks! #

No need other configurations, penguins-eggs are battery included or better, as in the real, live is inside!

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Copyright and licenses #

Copyright (c) 2017, 2020 Piero Proietti, dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.