Is There Anybody Out There?

These are currently the 10 most clicked distros on distrowatch, to date we can already remaster
most of them!

  • MX Linux No
  • EndeavourOS No
  • Manjaro Yes
  • Mint Yes
  • Pop!_OS Yes
  • Ubuntu Yes
  • Debian Yes
  • Garuda No
  • elementary Yes
  • Fedora No

MX Linux has its own remastering tools. I tried eggs on it, but in the end there is already what you need: the combination of mx-snapsnot and mx-installaer, and work great!

On Garuda and Endeavour I have made some attempts. On Garuda the mkinitcpio configuration fail for me and on EndeavourOS - strange to say - I didn’t find Calamares. It should probably be extremely easy to make eggs compatible with both, but it needs the cooperation of some hackers from the respective distros.

But the best part will be to bring eggs in Fedora! Someone on line?