In my adventure to create an updated remastering tool compatible with the Debian, Ubuntu, Devuan world I’m running into the following problem:

I can remaster practically everything from Debian Jessie to bookworm and from Ubuntu bionic up to the development version jammy - instead, I can not and I have not understood why - to do the same with the latest version of neon with plasma-5.23.
I also report that the problem does not occur, however, with Kubuntu 21.10 impish with the beta of plasma-5.23 installed.
From a neon system installed, the ISO builds normally and is bootable, but when I go to boot from the liveCD obtained, the system does not come to show the monitor and moreover giving ALT-CTRL F2, F3, etc can not open the console.

Someone, could give me some clues or suggest me a way to debug?

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ubuntu 22.04 jammy
debian 12 bookworm