removed forum and others stuffs

Since October 20 I removed the penguins-eggs forum, unfortunately I didn’t have time to consult it and I prefer so there is only one place for assistance and support, in this case facebook group penguins-eggs where most users - technical or not - can easily sign up.

Similarly I removed the link to devpost, for the same reasons, I do not have time to update it. You can find videos on youtube.

I also have problems with the penguins-eggs-ppa repository. I created it following this guide but at the moment I have no way to update it, I should redo it from scratch. If someone is expert can contact me either on facebook group or email me.

the ppa repository is important because it would allow the upgrade in standard mode through apt of the remastering software. I plan on recreating it, but I wouldn’t mind some assistance and help.

I believe that this remastering tool can be of great use and necessary to facilitate the existence of small and large remasters of Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Unfortunately, keeping up with a myriad of cases is difficult and, lately, I don’t have too much time to devote to penguins-eggs.

Basically keeping general purpose remastering software up to date requires more of an organization than an individual, I’ve achieved a good level of quality in the product, but keeping it up to date continually requires new development, debugging and feedback.

At the moment eggs is probably the only software capable of remastering for both i386 and amd64 Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu and derivatives. Also, in perspective, it is compiled for arm64 and armel as well, but it is too big for one developer.

Thanks for your attention

Piero Proietti