UfficioZero adopt eggs


UfficioZero is in the process of adopting Penguin’s eggs as a tool for creating its own Debian and Devuan-based systems.

We are very proud with UfficioZero’s staff of the new collaboration that will allow us both to grow, and is also the first time that eggs will be included in an official repository.

This is a short presentation of UfficioZero Linux, but I recommend you to follow their site.

UfficioZero Linux is an open source operating system designed by SIITE SRLS, which has acquired the historical domain and provides various virtual servers to host web services, mail services, repositories and sharing servers for the development team.

The project is aimed at freelancers, professionals, private and state agencies who want to use a free, useful and easy to understand tool.

Currently Office Zero Linux comes in three versions:

  • Ufficio Zero Linux codename Roma 2.0.1 for pc with 32bit processor, based on Devuan 3 Beowulf and with desktop manager Xfce
  • Office Zero Linux codename Mantova 2.0.1 for pc with 64bit processors, based on PCLinuxOS and with desktop manager Mate
  • Office Zero Linux codename Vieste 2.0.1 for pc with 64bit processor, based on Linux Mint 19.3 and with desktop manager Mate